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Real Estate Video

The goal with the real estate video is to make the future buyer feel the essence of the house. What could be better than a beautiful video to make you dream?

Real Estate Video

Here is our rate card for the real estate videos. By making a real estate video you are more likely to have your house viewed and seen by your future buyer.





House + Drone



Travel fees include the outward and return travel and are valid for Montreal and the surrounding area. If the project is outside this area, a fee per additional kilometer will be charged. Note that if the house has more than 6 rooms, a fee of $35 per additional room will be charged.


A picture
is worth a thousand words

Your company is worth much more

A corporate video highlights the best aspects of your business while creating a sense of belonging with your client. The important thing is and will always be to convey a story inside the video.

Do you have a specific idea? A project? An important aspect of your business?

It’s time to talk about it!